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I have had plans for setting up my home site for quite a long time. But then there have been other plans .... Now I am at it, and it is fun. I realise, however, that there is much to learn. I started less than a month ago and ask friends for advice. Probably the site will look very differently after some months.
Also, I am using a Mac, and the pages I see on PC screens are sometimes rather different from my pages as they are on my Mac, making it difficult to know the effects of a design. Critical comments will be very useful.

I intend to make available quite much material on object-oriented programming, both "classical" papers and recent stuff, with comments and links to other sites. (People seem to be very much against cloning, but that would have solved many problems for me now.)

Then all the young people who know they must have certain references on the lists in their OO-papers no longer have any excuse for not really knowing what they refer to. There are quite a number of important aspects of object-oriented programming that have not been picked up by other languages than BETA (and that young people could pick up and develop before any of the old guys do understand).

I intend to create several threads to follow through the material. One such thread will be historical, since that also will be a way for me to organise some of the information I have about the development of informatics, about what we did from 1948 on in Norway and other places. Some of us old-timers have started dying, and historians (as usual) are not that interested in collecting material from the people who make history when they are alive. They may tell you something else, but practice seems to be what I describe.

People from other countries are very puzzled by the Norwegian decision to stay outside the EU. The strongly biased information they got (and get) from the mass media and the power elites gives them no real opportunity to find out. I am constantly asked why we Norwegians are so "nationalistic", "egoistic", "against peace and cooperation", "isolationistic" etc. Or "what will you do if EU will not help you when you want membership after you have used up your oil?".

One may have believed that this state of affairs would have been corrected by our diplomats around the world. On the contrary, many of them seem to feel free to be quite active spreading just the kind of attitudes I mention

I will bring some information about what we who won the referendum really stand for..

The private content of these pages will be for friends and family. I do not yet have many plans for what will be included.

Huge amounts of material is, as you all know, available for use in web design. Some times I prefer to make my own images. As an example: The program PlanetEarth now makes it possible for us from small nations to choose the hemispheres we want on our world logos. It is not necessary with the center of a 2D-world being in Panama. If you do not grasp the point, examine this little World-logo closer, and you will find an Icelandic view of the hemisphere.

As for my site, I am starting with very simple tools. And my ambition is certainly not to make the Home Page remind you of an animated rendering of a lively day at the market in Timbuktu.. However, I also use the setting up of the site as a means for learning how to create content on the web. Some strange experiments may be explained by that.