11.08.2002 - 16:51 CET

Norwegian No-leader dies

Professor Kristen Nygaard died suddenly on Friday 9 August 2002 aged seventy-five years.

Professor Nygaard was, more than anyone, responsible for Norway's No to EU membership in the second referendum in 1994. He was known as General No, leading the struggle with his unique talents for networking and personal contact with all groupings in Norwegian politics.

In 1998 Professor Nygaard organised the No-to-EU movement and was its leader from 1990-1995. He was the strategic force behind the creation of the Europe-wide EU critical network, TEAM, which was formally established in 1992 in Edinburgh. He had a broad outlook and took the initiative to travel to Ireland to assist the No side in the Amsterdam Treaty Referendum campaign in that country.

Kristen Nygaard received, what is know in the IT (Information Technology) world as the equivalent of the Nobel Prize, for his development of the object-oriented language - Simula - which has set standards worldwide. At his death he was in the middle of a three-year research eduction project developing Comprehensive Object-Oriented Learning (COOL)

Kristen's talents, his larger-than-life personality and charm will be greatly missed by all, including his TEAM partners and by democrats worldwide, said Anthony Coughlan from the Irish National Platform.

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Written by Lisbeth Kirk
Edited by Honor Mahony